Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Short rope (magic item)

The small, treeless island of Skiff-in-Loch was somewhat of a mystery to Billobi. He always got the same feeling, one that slowly crept up on him as old Badsey's ferry got closer to the small bridge. Maybe it had something to do with the scenery? The sharp cliffs, almost glowing in yellow and red; the bane of many ships. Or the twisting and leaning lighthouse at the south tip; a single talon reaching out for preys? Or the fact that it was inhabited by a single person, who also looked after the island's only pub?

Old Badsey's small ferry gently brushed the old bridge by the side. Badsey was always the first one off the boat.

"ALL OVERBOARD! Just kiddin', no need to jump in, lad!"

A young boy, pale like an egg shell, responded with a nervous smile and got out of the boat. Just as Billobi was about to do the same, Badsey stopped him and said: "Hold on, fetch me that rope. I need to secure the old lady to the bridge."

Billobi turned around and found a piece of rope tied to the boat. He grabbed the other end and handed it to Badsey, who immediately threw it around one of the short poles on the bridge.

"Sheesh, come on", Badsey said irritated while fumbling with the rope. "Bloody 'ell! Get around already!"

Billobi offered his help, to no prevail.

"Happens every bloody time", Badsey cried while trying to stretch the rope a little bit longer. "It's like there are some kind of hemp gods that wants me to suffer! Come ON, you no-good fibres!"

Short ropes are known to be found all around the known world. They're regular ropes of hemp, bestowed with a curse that actually makes them somewhat intelligent.

These short ropes works as a regular ropes, until their length is considered important. When a short rope finds out it's needed, it will adjust its length so it will be just a bit too short. There have been many attempts through the years to outwit these ropes, although it's unclear whether anyone actually succeeded.

Any attempts to dispel this curse will make the rope crumble to dust.


  1. Mr Badsey is becoming a favourite of mine. I can see sweat drops forming on his forehead when he tries to tame the rope.

    A truly interesting read!

  2. Thank you! And yes, old Badsey is quite the character. Have you heard that one about how he lost his eye...?

  3. Yes I have but I am quite sure it is a different story from the one you have heard.

  4. Another great story and item.
    I can see threatening the rope with a torch to get it to comply.
    The item almost seems like something from an old cartoon, which is not bad, I actually get a few ideas from old cartoons and kid's shows.

  5. Thank you. I guess it's a bit of a comical relief, yes, although I'm sure I've stumbled upon one of these short ropes one time or another...

  6. AndersandersandersMarch 22, 2010 at 2:09 PM

    Haha, love it. The expactations for an adventure and a magical object is for it to be beneficial... not this one. Fantastic stuff. I could see rough Badsey fumbling around with some backwards psychology, pretending the rope really isnt needed, only to jump at it, clumsily, angrily.