Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bag of Spending (magic item)

Billobi often thought of his childhood friend Tristan "Hum" Beadle. After graduation, Billobi set out to see the rest of the country while Tristan signed on to the Acorn Afloat, a large sailing vessel that carried both goods and passengers to numerous ports across the eastern sea. His mother worried sick, begging him not to travel with such a large and unreliable construction. "It's against the will of the gods!" she cried, "Man wasn't made to walk upon waters!". Tales of piracy and monsters lurking in the dark blue depths didn't help either, but Tristan had already made up his mind - one week after graduation he left port for the great unknown.

Billobi never met his friend again, but often got letters from him from various places across the sea. He often came across strange items, of one Billobi clearly remembered. It started with Tristan writing home about his new work as an errand boy for a wealthy and powerful old lady in the town he currently lived in. The old lady, apparently too busy for doing her own purchases, hired Tristan to buy new interesting and exotic things every day. At the start of the day, he was given a certain amount of money to spend on anything he thought would make her life happier.

"This is easy", Tristan wrote, "since the old raisin lives in a large, mostly empty, marble palace, with spaces to fill everywhere!"

But, after only four days of commissions, the old lady declared that it was a nuisance to give him gold on an daily basis. From now on, he'd be given gold for the whole week, starting that day. Tristan agreed, and was given an awful lot of coins he didn't have anywhere to stash. So he went to the market to purchase him a sturdy bag to hold all of this wealth.

"It took a while", Tristan wrote, "but finally I found one that could hold the coins easily. It looked like a regular leather bag, only tougher. I paid the merchant, filled it up with the raisin's money, and went home to rest for the night."

The next morning, Tristan woke up to a room filled with things from the floor and up. Forks, knives, birds, colourful carpets, furnitures, wagons, even an elephant! He got up from his bed faster than ever before, just in time for the old lady to open his door and ask about the commotion. Instead, she stood silent and just stared at the pile of things, her jaw at the floor. Tristan hid behind the elephant, trying to come up with some sort of excuse and explanation that could save his face and job.

"She loved it", Tristan wrote. "She'd never seen so many marvellous things in one room, and never in her own home. I didn't lose the job, but the problem now is that she expects the same thing tomorrow, and the day after that - and there's no money left in the bag!"

A Bag of Spending looks and functions as any regular cloth sack, with the difference that it will spend any items of value that is put inside it. It will do this preferable when it's left alone (not under any supervision); most noticeable during sleeping hours.

All things bought by the bag will somehow end up in the same room as its owner. How this delivery works is still a mystery.

It will spend up till 80 percent of the coins and gems inside it, although rumour has it that there exists bags that will spend all of its coins.

The bag will buy things of its own liking, unaffected by its current owner's taste.


  1. hahaha, I want a wombat I want a wombat. Can I get one of those bags please for christmas? It would help with the shopping. Just put money in it and the next morning it is all set. Very quick and easy.

  2. Clever and not always handy, just what I like to spring on my players.

  3. Yeah, it's not your first choice of purse...

  4. Excellent! I can see it spicing up an adventure. Someone take the bag for a bag of holding and puts his beloved flaming longsword in the bag just to see the next day that the bag has replaced it with silverware.

  5. AndersandersandersMarch 22, 2010 at 2:11 PM

    I think this object could cure many a depression.

    Thanks for bringing it to life.

  6. Hmm the ultimate bag to fix all your birthday presents?

  7. But also an object that could break many a humdrum... put all that stuff in there that you own, and are afraid to loose - but dont really need - and see what happens ;)

  8. Hah! I'd take the elephant over the sword, for sure.

  9. A +2 Flaming Elephant, absolutely! Two-handed, at least.