Monday, January 4, 2010

Lie (spell)

Range: Touch
Duration: Until dispelled

As often as possible, Billobi Rustfoot and his best friend Tristan "Hum" Beadle skipped classes. They went on adventures in the nearby forest, fighting dreadful monsters and casting legendary spells - at least in their imagination. More often though, they just went fishing.

One hot summer's day after returning to school, the head master caught them by surprise. He was furious and wanted to know what it was that was so important that the two couldn't attend their classes. The head master turned his head to young Rustfoot.

Billobi was at this time no stranger to bending the truth, so he told the head master that his aunt was ill and that he had to help her. Furthermore, this aunt lived deep in the forest, alone.

Right about then Tristan's older brother Brisan came walking across the school yard. When he saw his younger brother standing in front of the furious head master, he hurried up to them and - to everyone's surprise - hugged his little brother hard and long, while mumbling something. One nod to the head master later he was gone.

The head master now turned his head to Tristan. Billobi feared that Tristan, being the notorious bad liar as he was, would blow their cover. But to young Rustfoot's surprise, Tristan told the most beautiful and trustworthy lie he had ever heard (and he had heard a lot of them). When he stopped talking, the head master left them without a word.

Billobi turned to his friend and said joyfully: "That was the best lie I've ever heard!"

And Tristan answered him: "What are you talking about, that was no lie!"

One long and frustrating day later, Brisan finally rid his brother of the spell.

This spell causes the targeted person to lie constantly, unless a successful saving throw is made. The spell lasts until dispelled, something that has to be done by someone other than the affected person (since it would be a lie if the caster tried to dispel himself).

The effect of the spell isn't cumulative, so nothing happens if cast twice upon the same person.


  1. Truly fantastic story, I enjoyed reading it. I have not thought about a spell like this before but I can now imagine it being very useful

  2. Thank you! Of course it's useful, just ask Tristan!