Monday, January 4, 2010

Chug (spell)

Range: Caster
Duration: Immediate

As a not so inspired pupil at the school of Badgerbrough, young Billobi Rustfoot found the local pub to be a more comfortable place than his class room (although he didn't drink anything). One particular night he managed to overhear some of the older students talking about the pain of being thirsty and short of coins. Suddenly one of them started waving his hands and chanting something with a low voice. At the end of the casting, he fell backwards in his chair with a big burp and a satisfaction in his face. He had just had the best mug of ale that evening, and it didn't cost him a copper. Soon everyone around the table was doing the same thing.

The Chug-spell is infamous among pub owners around Badgerbrough, and anyone who is caught casting this inside that kind of establishment is banned for life.

Chug fills the caster's stomach with fluid equal to one mug (12 oz. / 35 cl.).
The exact type of fluid is random and cannot be predetermined, but is almost always alcohol based.

Chug is reported to work all over the known world, but strangely enough the liquids never change; they're always the same local (to Badgerbrough) beverages, probably due to the origin of the spell.

If cast a second time within 2 minutes, the caster must make a successful saving throw or be prone to violent vomiting for 2d6 minutes (unable to act).

Die Roll





Horsehead’s Stout (beer)


Pimbleman’s Cut (wine, red)


Ogrenose Pint (strong ale)


Pimbleman’s Teeth (wine, white)


Horsehead’s Best (mixed spirits)


  1. Another Spell made by a creative and somewhat strange mind. I like it.

    Is it possible to have a taste description of the different ales?

  2. Maybe in an upcoming post! Billobi Rustfoot wasn't too fond of alcohol, although he did taste it at times (for the purpose of documenting it, of course).

  3. That is the spirit of a true explorer!

  4. ...the spirit of Explorer...brrrrrr-tsch