This a list of the characters so far. Clicking on a name will (hopefully) bring up posts where they are mentioned (except for Billobi, because that would just be silly).

The list is far from complete, and will be expanded as the story progresses.

Billobi Rustfoot
The main protagonist. Born and raised in Badgerbrough. Graduated from the Badgerbrough School of Magic, but didn't actually learn anything and went on to work for the Badgerbrough Inquisitive for a while, before heading off to travel on his own.
Married to Ana Althorp with whom he had a daughter named Anabel.

Thomas and Ana Althorp
Siblings. Childhood friends to Billobi, and went to the same school. Thomas bought an old antiques shop in Horsehead after graduation.

Tristan "Hum" Beadle
Childhood friend and classmate to Billobi. Has an older brother named Brisan. Tristan never cared much for school, and signed on to the Acorn Afloat (a large sailing vessel) right after graduation.

The Pimbleman Brothers
One of these brothers started what would become a rather famous brewery in Badgerbrough (and giving name to several beverages as well, such as Pimbleman's Teeth and Pimbleman's Cut), only to be cursed by a faithful cart and disappear into the countryside.

Old man Badsey
Works as a self-proclaimed ferryman between the town of Ketch-in-Loch and the small, treeless island of Skiff-in-Loch. Wears an eye-patch and likes to tell stories about how he got it.

Mr. Bickleigh and Mr. Bigglesworth
Mr. Bickleigh is an old wizard that lives alone in the Ogrebelly forest with his fat cat Mr. Bigglesworth.

Hamphred Dungbeetle
Older cousin to Billobi. Lives in the southern parts of the country. Has a farm and loves to take baths in his outdoor bathtub.

Lady Darnton
Owner of the only pub on the island Skiff-in-Loch, and sometimes the island's only (human) inhabitant!