Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Glassblower (magic item)

To the very far north of the country lies the Talltops, the mountain range that runs through Ogrenose. It was surrounded by endless tales of mystical and magical creatures, horned and winged and headless and what not, tales of brave men and women forever lost in the rugged landscape, leaving only fragments of themselves for others to find, of glowing swords and bows that sang when wielded...

It was no doubt a popular place to visit. People of all ages and classes travelled from all around the country to see the legend that was the Talltops. Naturally, most of the myth was developed by the town of Ogrenose, that made quite the income on the never ending flow of tourists. But one thing that no one could really explain was the Glassblower.

Billobi first saw the Glassblower when he was on a school trip to the Talltops. As a young boy visiting the Talltops for the first time and expecting to see winged monsters breathing fire down upon them, he was not impressed. In fact, he (along with the rest of his class) was utterly disappointed.

At the base of the mountain stood three men; two well-armed guards, and one cloaked figure. The cloaked figure stretched his arms towards the sky, and said with a loud voice: "Come closer, I dare you! Witness the magic of the GLASSBLOWER! Come, come!"

Young Billobi and his class gathered around the three men, still not impressed.

"Here, children, look! Behold...the GLASSBLOWER!" said the cloaked figure and stepped aside, revealing a strange formation in the mountain side.

It looked like a long, narrow spout, coming out from the very mountain. It was about three feet above ground, and reached almost ten inches.

Needless to say, Billobi was still far from impressed.

The cloaked figure raised his left fist, and said: "Sand...from the coast of Ketch-in-Loch..." He then raised his right fist and said: "Potash...from the woods of Ogrebelly..."

As he started to pour the dry contents in front of the spout, he said: "Behold children, the magic of the GLASSBLOWER!"

A howling sound could be heard as the sand and the potash seemed to melt together in mid-air, forming some sort of colourful pitcher. As the last of the ingredients left his hands, the sound vanished and the pitcher fell to ground.

The cloaked figure picked up the pitcher, bowed to the mountain and said: "We thank you, great glassblower, for this pitcher. We are but your humble fetchers."

Billobi closed his mouth and released Tristan's hand. He was now, in search of better words, convinced.

The Glassblower is a strange spout, coming out of the base of the Talltops. Thrice per day it releases warm air for a short period of time. Pouring the right dry ingredients on this hot stream of air will melt them into various things, all made of glass.

Depending on the ingredients and their origins, the newly crafted thing may be bestowed with magical properties - or even cursed.


  1. I think you misspelled 'spout'.

  2. You're absolutely right, Mr/Ms Anonymous. My mind must have been on beer that day.

  3. I think that the glass blower is awesome. Is anyone able and allowed to go there and use it at will?

  4. Thank you Andreas Antepants! I believe so, yes. It's like a natural spring.