Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cult of Leithris (map)

One time, on a trip to the southernmost parts of the country, Billobi came upon a band of soldiers in the middle of the green Ogrebelly forest. They wore grey outfits and carried short swords, and had a large emblem on their chest that depicted the trunk of a tree - the symbol of the guards of Ogrebelly.

When he came closer it was obvious that the guards had surrounded something, and - judging from the looks of the men - something truly terrifying. Billobi presented himself for the nearest guard, who immediately hushed him.

"'Tis them cultmen!" the guard whispered. His eyes were the size of plates, and his forehead sweaty. "Crazed people, I've heard they eat mud in the moonlight! But we've got them surrounded..."

The guard pointed at something in the distance, and when Billobi looked up he saw a regular but somewhat misplaced outhouse. It looked completely harmless, and way too small to house a cult of any sort.

"So..." Billobi said with a low voice. "This cult..."

"Schh! Stay here and keep quiet, we're bringing down this cult right now!"

The guards nodded at each other, and walked up to the outhouse. One after one disappeared inside - and never came out. Billobi hid completely silent on the same spot for almost an hour before running away. He never saw the guards again.

Anyone spotting a lonely outhouse in the middle of nowhere can be completely certain it's a passage to the underground cult of Leithris. A ladder leads down into the darkness and the monstrous beings contained therein.

All lairs of the cult lies next to the same underground lake, which connects them and provides means of transportation for the cultist.

Statues of their foul deity can be spotted almost everywhere, luring anyone foolish enough to touch them. The consequences of these actions are unknown.


  1. I like it!

    To your knowledge, has anyone gotten out of there alive?

  2. Thank you!

    Only once, when it happened to be a regular outhouse...

  3. I don't think that is mud those weirdos are eating....

    Great post!

  4. Mud or not; as always, it's up to the referee...

    And thanks!