Friday, February 12, 2010

Embrace (spell)

Range: Caster's eyesight
Duration: Until dispelled

The town of Ketch-in-Loch is known for many things; it's one of the largest ports on the western coastline, it's built on a slope to prevent over-flooding, it's the only way to travel (safely) across the waters to the tiny island of Skiff-in-Loch, and it was the scene of the Big Hug, a historic dispute between the mayor and one big tree in the middle of town.

Billobi just happened to be in Ketch-in-Loch at the time being, happily taking notes about the dispute. According to the locals, the mayor had decided to get rid of the old tree since it blocked his sea view. When news got out, a small group of people gathered around the town centre and started protesting. But, as the hours passed, the already small group started to diminish even further, until there was but one left; a small yet sturdy woman, with hair as brown as her skin.

When Billobi came to town, the dispute had only lasted a day but were already on the brink of resolution. People were gathered in a big circle around the scene, consisting of the tree, the small woman, and the mayor, both hoarse from shouting at each other.

"'Tis my tree, Chipko!", yelled the mayor, face almost glowing red. "'Tis MY town, MY rules, and therefore MY tree!"

"No one owns this tree, you big piece of ogredumpling!", the small woman responded.

"I own it! 'Tis MINE! And I want it chopped down!"


"I'm warning you, Chipko, step away or I'll have the guards arrest you!"

"I haven't done anything illegal, trollsnot-in-boots!"

To this the mayor didn't respond, as if he hadn't thought of that. It didn't stop his frustration, though. He pointed at the tree with his hand trembling in anger, and shouted: "'TIS MINE! MINE! GUARDS!"

Two men dressed and armoured in typical Ketch-in-Loch equipment, each wielding a kind of weapon that looked like a regular axe stuck on a long pole, walked up to the mayor.


Without hesitation, the two guards dropped their weapons to the ground and approached the woman by the tree.

"This is illegal, and you know it!"

"No! YOU are the criminal!" the mayor responded.

"ME? I'm protesting, and that's not illegal you charcoal-for-a-brain!"

" called me NAMES!"

Just as the guards were to grab her by the arms and lift her to her feet, something strange happened very fast. The woman pointed her right arm at the guards, the left one at the tree, and mumbled something. In an instance the two guards were up against the tree, with their arms spread out around the trunk. It looked like they were hugging it, much to the crowd's enjoyment.

Without moving her left arm, she then directed the right one towards the mayor and said: "Leave the tree be...or I'll make sure you'll never let it go!"

"You... You're threatening me! GUARDS! Get down from there and arrest her!"

"I don' 'noo", one of the guards mumbled with his lips pressed again the bark, "I 'inda 'ike 'tt."

"Me 'oo", the other guard agreed.

"See...? No harm done", the woman said with a grin without lowering her arms.

Powerless and baffled the mayor left her without a word.

The following day the mayor resigned from his post and moved to a small village just outside of Badgerbrough, far, far away from Ketch-in-Loch. The tree still stands to this day.

This spell requires two free hands to be able to cast. Upon casting, the right arm must be directed at the person who shall embrace (the embracee or hugger), and the left at the person or object who shall be embraced.

It lasts until dispelled.

The embracee will then wrap its arms (or equivalent) around the target, unable to break the magical hug. The person hugging will never feel any discomfort while in this state, nor express any wild feelings of lust; he or she will just feel satisfied, embracing the moment.


  1. I really like this spell. Most beacuse you can be very cretive with it. Can you for example make an octupus hug a head of another? What happens if the hugger does not have any arms or legs, will it bite around the target?

  2. Yes, an octopus may very well hug the head of another octopus!

    In the case of unavailable limbs for the hugger to wrap around the target, I would first say it's a decision for the referee; but I personally would just wrap the entire body of the hugger around the target!

  3. Weird and original. Two thumbs up!

  4. AndersandersandersMarch 22, 2010 at 2:20 PM

    Has inter-creaturistic hugging ever been performed?

    A dog being hugged by its tail, an octopus selfhugging, maybe a plant wrapping up into a ball!?

    Good stuff...

  5. Just point both arms at the same object, and cast!