Monday, January 18, 2010

Faithful cart (magic item)

It wasn't until his later travels that Billobi met old Pimbleman, the legendary brewer from his home village of Badgerbrough. And what a sight! You could spot him miles away, pushing his cart over the hills, gathering whatever he found along the way. When he came closer, you could almost read the adventures in his rugged face.

Billobi met old Pimbleman by mere accident while strolling along the road between Horsehead and Woostershire; a strange bird caught his eye for a second, just enough to get hit by Pimbleman's cart.

"Sheesh! Wacha step, young fellow! Thisch cart ain't stoppin' for no one!"

He helped Billobi to his feet without letting go of the cart, and offered him anything from the carriage as compensation. But when Mr. Rustfoot approached the cart, a deep snarl echoed from the very same.

Billobi quickly backed away, and looked at old Pimbleman for an explanation.

"No need to panic, young man", Pimbleman said with a sigh, "'tis cursed you see. Stupid piece of wood, schould never have touched it, I tell you!"

Pimbleman told Billobi about how he found the cart in a ditch, many years ago, on his way home from the brewery. He was overburden with things that he needed to repair at home, and took the finding of the old cart as a sign from whatever deity that could've watched over him. So, he dropped all of his things, got into the ditch and pulled up the cart, only to discover that he couldn't release it.

When he released the grip on his left hand, the right hand wouldn't budge. But if he grabbed the shaft with the left hand, the right hand would come off as expected - but now the other was stuck.

"You schee... I'm tied to this schtupid cart. At least I can pick up things with one hand..."

Billobi asked him if it wasn't possible to remove this curse, and rid him of the cart. To this old Pimbleman answered: "It might very well be scho, but over the years I guess I've just...grown accustom to it. 'Tis my only friend alive, you schee."

With that he said farewell and continued on his journey, with cursed cart and all.

The Faithful cart works like a normal cart and can be loaded as such, but is bestowed with a special curse. The first person touching its shafts gets stuck, and may only use one of his hands at any time. To switch hands, he must first grab the shafts with both hands, and then release the hand he wish to use.

It's safe to touch the cart after it has attached itself to someone, although it is known to snarl at anyone not under the curse.

The curse also works on another, not too obvious, plane: it slows down the ageing of the person currently attached to it. Apparently, the cart wants its new owner (or "friend") to live as long as possible. Exact how much seems to vary from person to person. The curse is lifted upon death.


  1. Really great story. The cart is almost a parasite you could say. Is there anyone who knows what type of wood the cart is made of, or is that irrelevant? I mean, was the curse originally separated from the cart? I guess many tales has been spun around that between Horsehead and Badgerbrough.

  2. I believe it's made out of plain's the magic bound onto it that's special. But more on that another time!

  3. Yet another interesting tale. I look forward to Rustfoot's journey. Perhaps a map of his world and travels?

  4. Thank you. Yes maps are always interesting...if done properly! I'm not much of a cartographer, but I have some ideas...